From Netflix To Lynda


I’m Sean Witzke, and I’m cancelling my Netflix subscription.lyndaLogo

After an endless amount of time watching movies, shows, and “entertainment content”, I decided that if I wanted my life to change, I would need to put the hours in. What easier way to put the hours in then to take them from somewhere else?

Over the past year I’ve felt extremely restless; as though my life wasn’t going anywhere specific. A key factor to this were the endless hours I was wasting on Netflix, when instead I could be doing something more productive, moving my life forward, and in the end… helping people.

And so I’ve decided to cancel my Netflix subscription in exchange for a subscription, and replace the time that I would have spent watching Netflix with watching tutorials to upgrade my own personal skill set. The goal of this blog is to document this change, and to show others how easy it is to increase your own personal skill set, to change your life through a simple compound effect: creating good habits.

My personal goal is to become self-employed within the next 90 days. I’ll also be reviewing tutorials, to help you spend your own time in the most effective way possible. Areas of interest will be programming, web design, music production, and videography.

Specific areas I intend to learn down the road are:

  • PHP
  • jQuery
  • Java
  • Javascript
  • MySQL
  • SEO
  • C++

Thanks for taking an interest in my endeavours! Feel free to subscribe to this blog, and even start your own post-Netflix journey.