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Day 3: Anyone Can Learn To Code

The first course which I’ve been taking on is PHP With MySQL Essential Training. It’s a 14 hour course that dives into the history, and foundations of PHP, as well as the connectivity of MySQL with PHP, and the uses the two can have when working together.

What Is PHP

PHP is a server-sided web development language, meaning that it is independent of the user’s personal computer and browser. If a user who was browsing a webpage which had PHP coded into it, shutting down the web browser, or turning off the computer would not affect the PHP code, because it’s being run on a server independent from the user’s personal computer.

What Is MySQL

MySQL is one of the world’s most widely used open-source database management systems. A database management system is much like an excel spreadsheet, but instead of dealing with numbers (which is what spreadsheets are great for), a database deals with data. Data is stored information. It could be your account balance in your bank account, the photos you uploaded to Facebook, or the text messages that are stored “in the cloud.”

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