Month: August 2014

Self Employed In 90 Days


I’m Sean Witzke, and I’m a music producer, videographer, photography, and all around media enthusiast. 90 days ago I cancelled my Netflix subscription, and set out on a journey to upgrade my personal skill set, become self employed, and in the end foster a lifestyle of learning and creativity versus consumption and laziness. In turn, I exchanged my Netflix subscription for a subscription; a website which develops university level online tutorial videos (photography, videography, music production, photoshop, autocad etc.). This website gave me the platform to help achieve my goals, and in the end, I achieved them.

What started off as a personal experiment, trying to teach myself how to program, turned into a full on lifestyle change through pursuing business opportunities, learning new skills, and overall being more prone to take risks and adventure out into the world. I can say that I’ve accomplished more than I ever have within 90 days. I went on multiple road trips across the coast of Oregon, and British Columbia; both endowed with amazing scenery and photographic inspiration… upgraded my video production arsenal far beyond what I thought I would personally own at this point in my life… founded my own video production company which currently specializes in wedding videography, Small City Film… and built a hefty portfolio in both videography and photography.

A Change In Direction

I look back now, and it’s interesting to see where this journey has led me. My original intent was to learn different programming languages, and see where that would take me in the world of technology, but after multiple nights on, I began watching tutorials on video production; more then I planned. I started growing more in my confidence as a videographer, throwing myself into new opportunities, and taking on projects I thought were once out of my reach. Overtime, I started filming more and more, and eventually landed multiple wedding video gigs over the summer. My goal at becoming self employed grew far closer then it ever did with programming, and so the switch was made.

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Day 89: When Giving Up Is OK

There are moments when I look at what I’m doing, and I ask myself at what point is it ok to give up and move on. Giving up, in the sense that you are pursuing a goal, and you fail to achieve it. By no means would I stop making videos, music, programming or the like. But by many means would I stop pursuing a business endeavour, a way to make money, or a pursuit within some sort of project.

Currently, things are going well with me. And I am very thankful that this is the case. However, from the lessons of learned will investing in the stock market, there are moments when selling a loss is more profitable then holding it for the long run. Mainly, because your time and money could be spent doing much more profitable and impactful things then just sitting back and waiting for the tide to change.

What Does This Have To Do With Me

Well, making wedding videos for the couples I know has been great. I’ve been able to take part in their day, and provide a very personal keepsake for them. A wedding film. But at what point do I say I’m going to pursue videography over audio engineering, or photoshop over programming? It comes down to two factors really. Are you spending your time doing the best thing you’re good at… and… are you do the thing that is most likely to make you a living that you can survive on. Two very important things that at times can be very isolated from one another.

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