Day 8: Astoria/Cannon Beach Hyperlapse

Over the past weekend I’ve been on the Oregon coast taking a little breather from life, but it’s allowed me to experiment with a few of the different videography techniques I’m reading about. If you’ve read my last post, you’ll know that I am both a film geek and an audiophile. This trip has allowed me to step away from programming for a bit, and explore some of my older roots. I also mentioned in my last post, that I would be experimenting with shooting hyperlapses; filming a time-lapse in a moving vehicle. The following video is a hyperlapse while on the road in Oregon, going from Astoria to Cannon Beach… we end on the beach. You can check it out below. Hopefully, I’ll be able to experiment a bit more in the future. The video was shot mounted on our minivan, with photos being taken at 5 second intervals. I was using my Canon T3i with my 18mm lens, and shot with an aperture of f/8. The video was assembled in Adobe Premiere. Make sure to view the video in HD through my Vimeo profile.

Hyperlapse Oregon 2014 Astoria To Cannon Beach from Sean Witzke on Vimeo.

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