Day 10: What Can You Do In An Hour?

I’m proud to say that I finished two courses on within the first week of my 90 day challenge. The first course was a 14 hour introduction on the PHP programming language with MySQL. The other was an hour-and-a-half course on how to shoot a hyperlapse with your DSLR camera. If you don’t know what a hyperlapse is, you can refer to my previous post Making Up For Lost Time.  You might be thinking that’s an insane amount of time, and that you yourself could never put in that much time into learning some new skills between work, family, and friends, but one great feature Lynda has is the ability to play videos at 1.25x, 1.5x, 1.75x, and 2x the speed. In total I spent only 9 hours watching these courses over a series of 8 days. That’s a little more than one hour a day…. not too bad, if you ask me!

What Can You Do In An Hour?

When I used to watch Netflix, I would spend anywhere between 1-3 hours a day watching TV shows, or movies. This past week I was able to create my own mini web application that could create, update, delete, and read database entries, helping me create a dynamic website. I also learned how to film my own hyperlapse while on vacation, allowing me to have a keepsake for the future… not to mention, gaining more personal experience with my DSLR! For only an hour a day I was able to seriously amp up my skills while having fun at the same time. Watching movies and TV shows for 3 hours a day never came close to the amount of “entertainment” I had this past week.

So now I want to turn the tables: what can you do in an hour? Read a few chapters in a book. Watch some video tutorials on a topic of interest. Learn a song on an instrument. If it helps, take a look at what you are currently doing about an hour a day? Is it worth spending that much time on? Could you give it up? If you learned one song each day for 7 days on your favourite instrument, instead of playing an hour of video games a day, by the end of the week you’d know 7 songs, and be able to host your own concert at a local coffee shop. Hey, you might even earn some money on ticket sales. What would the hour of playing video games do for you? Get you a better high score maybe?

Learn To Think Bigger

I encourage all of my readers to take the time, and think bigger. Sometimes there are times when you need to think about “just now”, but for “just now” I’d like you to think a bit bigger. Just for a second. Take a look at your life for the past 30 days. Think a little deeper as to what you did each day. Each week. And ask yourself how much those things affected where you are today, 30 days later. If you can say that most of the things you’ve done could’ve been scratched off the list, and your life would still be the same, examine whether or not you SHOULD scratch them off your list, and replace them with something else.

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