Day 22: Are You Moving?

Since I began this project 22 days ago, I’ve noticed some changes in my life; some I never expected. One of my original goals was to see if I could become self-employed in 90 days. Hence the “Day ##” markers on each post. I’m looking back at the past 22 days and thinking, even if my goal remains unfulfilled, the bi-products of my project would be equally beneficial.

A Change In Thought

Considering, I don’t have a Netflix subscription anymore, in times of boredom I’ve noticed that my longing for creativity has increased beyond changing the batteries out of my TV remote, and thinking I should probably buy some rechargeable batteries. I don’t want to compromise my time as much as I used too; the little time we’ve been given. To spend it with people, creating art, helping others.

The other day, I was walking to my friends house for a bible study, and I had multiple “ahah” moments. Nothing that’s needed to be shared on this blog yet. But, ones that definitely had me thinking more outside of myself. Instead of “what does Sean need” it became “what do people need”. It didn’t dilute the question, as I am no less a person as everyone else. It just allowed me to think bigger. When you think inside of yourself in terms of what I want, and what I would enjoy, you stop growing. No one ever grows, or stretches because of what they already know or want. It is when you find out what others want, and that you don’t, which makes you question everything that you stand for. If you’d ever think there was a better you out there, you’d probably assume he knew something that you didn’t. How else are you going to know it if you are only comfortable with what you already know?

By the end of the walk I realized that I hadn’t taken a walk that long for… well… a long time. The ease of starting a car to get to your destination, texting a friend versus calling and hearing their voice, group chatting on Facebook with people whom are no farther then a few minutes from one another. How often do we compromise our lifestyle for the sake of ease, and because of it, how many opportunities do we pass up where we can truly stretch, and grow; in our skills, our character, and our beliefs.

A Change Of Lifestyle

The mission of this blog is a lifestyle change, not a subscription change; all though a lifestyle change could involve a change in subscriptions. To value the fostering of a creative lifestyle, one that is willing to be stretched, pulled apart, and possibly put back together in a different way. That being said, maybe your goal isn’t to “become self-employed in 90 days”, and like I said in my about section, it’s just a goal I’m moving towards. But I’m moving! And that’s what matters. Are you moving?

Comment below and tell me how you’re moving in your life, or how you’d like to start.

  2 comments for “Day 22: Are You Moving?

  1. June 2, 2014 at 9:44 pm

    Hey Sean,

    For full disclosure, I work at I’m in the marketing department and your website hit our radar when you first launched it. None of that really matters though – it’s just how I learned about your site and mission.

    I wanted to let you know that you’ve helped motivate me to push myself to learn new things. I still have my Netflix subscription, but I’ve been watching courses like iOS Essential Training and last night, after 12 days of watching tutorials and practicing, I got my first iOS app to compile and work. It’s been something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time, but always had put it off. Thanks for the motivation. Best of luck with your journey.


    • Sean Witzke
      June 2, 2014 at 10:16 pm

      Hey Mike,

      I’m glad to see that you got the push that you needed! And the best part is that you were able to keep your Netflix account. Ha! I hope that you make some rock solid apps for the app store now. Thanks for the comment!


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