Day 26: Put Down The Textbook

Over this past week I’ve been doing a lot more freelancing work, both audio and video. It’s amazing what happens when you throw yourself out there, meet people, and make connections. This week entailed sitting down with multiple people to plan out a few projects to record their EP or Single, as well as some film shoots. I haven’t had as much time to do anything else because of it.

Put Down The Textbook

There comes a point when you need to put what you know into practice, and over this past month I’ve forgotten about that every now and then. I love learning, growing, and being challenged, but sometimes putting yourself to work is the best way to accomplish these things; sometimes you just need to make stuff.

I’ve noticed that I remember things better when I learn them under high-pressure situations; and no, that doesn’t mean studying for an exam. What I mean is when your filming a concert, and you need to setup the shot before they start the next song. Or filming a wedding and making sure everything is going as planned, as the bride walks down the isle. It’s under these circumstances that I so often go back to in my mind, and remember how I overcome adversity.

See… it’s the things that help overcome adversity that are worth remembering, and if you never confront adversity, there’s a chance you will never remember anything worth knowing. The biggest adversaries aren’t in textbooks. They talk about them, that’s for sure. Even tutorials online talk about them. But they don’t have them.

Finding Life’s Adversaries

The question of the day. How do you find life’s adversaries? One of the easiest ways to find them is to look at what you don’t want to do, and do it. Pretty easy right?

Let’s say you don’t want to talk to that person. Well… Talk to that person.

Never tried sushi before? Try some sushi.

Or you could step it up a notch. If you do photography, filming, programming, whatever it may be. Try posting an ad on and hire your skills out. You could get your first paid gig! Will it be a bit scary? No idea what to expect? What if you can’t follow through… Yeah, all those thoughts will be going through your head at one point. But like I said, the easiest way to find adversaries, and overcoming them is to look at what you initially don’t want to do, step outside of yourself, and fight the battle that you never thought you’d fight.

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