Day 36: You Are The Average Of Your Five Closest Friends

This past week, multiple videography jobs have been falling into my lap left and right, and improving my skill set has been only half the story as to why this has been happening; the other half I credit towards people. These people are those who I’ve been surrounding myself with.

“You are the average of the five closest people you spend the most time with.” – Jim Rohn

Learning From A Friend

I have a friend who got married this past New Years. He lived in California, and so I took a road trip with some friends down to California to attend his wedding. Ironically, he’s a videographer, and shoots weddings as well. While I was down there, I had the time to ask him how he get into wedding videography, and he said “easy, I just called up the best wedding videographer in town and asked if he could teach me.” I thought that sounded too easy… but it was the truth… and that struck a pretty deep chord in me. A chord that resonated and said I can do that too.

Learning From An Expert

When I got back, I approached a friend who was a professional videographer, and asked if I could help him out with his shoots. Not for money, but just to help, and be there, and learn. Over the time I helped with his shoots I learned things like how to manage a film shoot efficiently, dealing with multiple camera angles, the benefit of using different lenses, and not to mention using gear that I could have never gotten my hands on with my own personal budget. And the benefit for him… he got a guy willing to lug around his gear for free. Hah. What a deal! Now, I consider him a sort of mentor in the field of videography.

I credit most of the jobs I’ve been picking up recently to my mentor. Even the ones I found myself. It’s been through helping with his film shoots that has helped build a confidence in knowing that when the pressures on, and I’m by myself, I can still do it. Not only did stepping out of my comfort zone, help me gain valuable “in the field” experience, but also humbling myself and willing to learn from someone who has more experience then I do. Not only has it “paid off” with the portfolio I’ve been able to build, and the jobs I’ve been able to get, but it’s helped me be better at something I love doing; making movies.

You Can Learn Anything

Stepping out and intentionally surrounding yourself with those who are an expert in a certain field can really apply to almost anything. It doesn’t have to involve building technical skills, or getting somewhere, or getting a certain kind of job. Maybe you’re about to get married, and want to be a good husband? Surround yourself around someone who’s a good husband! Maybe you want to live a healthier lifestyle? Then surround yourself around people who live a healthy lifestyle! It really comes down to two things. Finding the thing you want to grow in, and then finding someone who’s already grown into it. Who could you surround yourself with?

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