Day 57: Tough Mudder Highlight Reel

Over the past week I’ve been working on a highlight reel of my trip to Whistler, BC for Tough Mudder. Working with a new camera, new lenses, and all around new potential has been fun and challenging. The video I put together is more of a keepsake then a professional video, and you’re welcome to check it out.

Some Things I Learned

A few issues I ran into while up in Whistler was the insane amount of light sensitivity this new sensor has, especially while outdoors when the sun is out. I had to crank the shutter and aperture down quite a bit, and concluded that I’ll probably need to invest a few dollars into a Neutral Density Filter so I can shoot with a slower shutter and wider aperture. Not that this is a bad thing. It just proves how sensitive the sensor is!

While my team was running the race, I handed off my camera to my friend’s Dad, who ended up taking some great photos of us while running the race. I’ve heard around the internet that the Canon 6D isn’t the greatest sports photography camera due to it’s slower auto focusing system. From what I found however, when you’re using the viewfinder’s focus assist beam while in manual focus, you can get great, sharp, and snappy photos. I mainly shoot on manual focus anyways, so this was a plus.

I also forgot to install the CineStyle colour profile to my camera before leaving from Vancouver. I ended up adding it while up in Whistler (connecting my camera to my MacBook through wifi of course), so the colour grading in the video is inconsistent at points. However, while editing, I was reminded once again why people use the CineStyle profile over the Neutral profile built into the camera. The amount of detail I saved, recovered, and was able to work with in comparison to the shots I shot in Neutral was astounding. No buyers remorse here.

Tough Mudder Highlight Reel from Sean Witzke on Vimeo.

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