Day 64: Bootstrapping & Passionate People

This Friday I’ll be shooting my first wedding both in general, and of the summer. The past week has involved multiple trips all over the city to gather the gear needed for the shoot and I have to say, it’s incredible what you can borrow when you find people just as passionate as you are about a certain thing; in this case filmmaking.

My Gear List

  • One Ball Head Tripod
  • 55mm Takumar f/1.8 prime, 50mm Yashinon f/1.9 prime, and 24-105 f/4 Canon L Lens
  • Canon 6D DSLR
  • H4N Zoom Recorder
  • 2 Sennheiser G2 Lavaliere Microphones
  • 3 Piece Lighting Kit
  • Canon T3i DSLR
  • Canon T2i DSLR
  • Glidecam HD 2000
  • Manfrotto Video Tripod

People Who Care

This is a pretty standard list for a lot of basic weddings (I didn’t include memory cards or batteries in the list just because it would take up a lot of mundane space, but I have many as well). The gear in bold is my personal gear. The rest has been borrowed from multiple people, of which I am truly grateful for. Gear like this usually isn’t being used every day, so most of my friends where willing to lend out their gadgets to help me shoot my wedding, and get started.

There are two points to this post. One, it’s easier to bootstrap equipment then you think when you’re around people who genuinely care about their craft, versus only their income. i.e. passionate people. Two, are you surrounding yourself around passionate people who care about their craft?

Venturing into uncharted territory can be both exciting and nerve-wracking, but having people around you who have been there, and are willing to help you out when they know you need it is truly one of the greatest things you can overlook as an entrepreneur. Thankfully through these people, I’ll be able to start off my first wedding shoot with a bang, and in turn, be one step closer to becoming a self-sustaining entrepreneur.

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