Day 75: Shooting Engagement Photos

Being in the Okanagan, there are plenty of orchards, desert landscapes, and all around stunning scenery close by. Yesterday, I had the privilege of shooting engagement photos for two friends of mine. Taking a break from editing video on my laptop, we decided to head out on a picture taking adventure across Kelowna.

After sometime at a farm that was owned by a family friend, we ventured up past the city limits to find rolling hills of beautiful desert. We kept driving, hit private property, and turned around to scope out some of the landscape while heading back to the city. We pulled the car off to the side of the road after we found a nice landscape for the perfect panorama. But unfortunately our adventure stopped after getting out of the car. The Okanagan grass is littered with rattle snakes, and that’s all we heard, rattle snakes.

…sometime I’d like to wander Iceland. Mainly due to the lack of rattle snakes, and the abundance of beautiful scenery.

Gear Wasn’t The Highlight Today

Most of the photos I was taking were during mid day with the sun being diffused by the clouds, while using my old 50mm Super Takumar f/1.8 lens (cost me $30 on craigslist). I was hovering around ISO 100~160, and my shutter was anywhere between 1/2000~1/500. I noticed that I could be taking these on my old T3i if I had wanted too. The lighting was good, I had a wide aperture on a good lens, my ISO was never being pushed, and my shutter was at some points being maxed out.

I was reminded that I really was no different then someone shooting on a T3i. Probably on Auto too. What made it different was the decisions I made. To not settle for cliches. To check my focus. To drive a little longer than normal… the more I confirmed that the gear is only a tool, and that it’s you that makes the difference. If you’re someone who’s interested in some sort of creative art, we live in a time where the barrier of entry is extremely low, and relatively cheap, compared to 10~15 years ago. Also, hiring yourself out to your friends for engagement photos is a super low cost, low pressure way, to practice your photography, and expand your portfolio. Maybe you should think of grabbing some sort of basic tool, and start practicing on how you can make yourself a better ___________ (photographer, videographer, audio engineer etc.)

The following photo was shot in a local cherry orchard in Kelowna.



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