Day 78: Take The Time

In my previous post I mentioned that while in Kelowna I was shooting some engagement photos. There was also a moment when I was about to venture off into the city limits and take some interesting landscape shots of the couple, but due to the rattle snake warnings, that never happened.

However, while on our way home, we found an isolated logging road just off the highway in between Kelowna and Merritt. You’d literally have to be going 40 kilometers an hour to see it. Which we were, as we were appreciating the stunning scenery.

Polite Private Property

One thing I noticed while in Kelowna is that most if not all the land is privately owned, so walking on forsaken land was a dream; you’d usually be deemed a trespasser. This road was different though. There was no “private property” or “trespassers will be prosecuted” signs. Instead we read a lovely little sign that said “be responsible”. And so we were. It’d be irresponsible of us not to venture down this road in search of some forsaken scenery.

About 15~20 minutes down this small one way road we found a jetted out exit in which one could walk straight into the valley, and so we did just that. It was around 8:00pm and overcast. The couple looked at me hoping I could produce the vision I had pitched for them, but none the less we were all excited. We stayed until about 10:30pm taking photos and appreciating the view.

Be Willing To Adventure

While walking back to the car, which in its self took about half an hour, we were all fairly happy with our spontaneous outing. Photos or not, witnessing the sunset and view was priceless. We were all glad that we took the time. I’m certain all of us would agree that none of us knew what was down that logging road, past the forest, and into the valley. None of us knew of the sunset that was going to take place that night. And none of us really had the same vision for what we envisioned that night. But we all had a willingness to see where the road would take us. To take the time. To experiment. To adventure.

I’m not as sad about the rattle snakes anymore. They had their place. We had ours. And I think our’s was better.


Leo_Emma_Valley-9 Leo_Emma_Valley-8 Leo_Emma_Valley-7 Leo_Emma_Valley-2


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