Day 80: Small City Film

The point of this project was to become self-employed within 90 days, and by the looks of it, Christmas might be coming sooner than I expected. Yesterday marked the first day of Small City Film, my newly launched wedding film production company.

Time Not Wasted

After a week and a half escapade of filming and editing, I finally finished my first wedding highlight reel for my friends Kevin & Justine Chiang. The process took an immense amount of effort, but the reverberation from social media, and the amount of leads I’ve received for filming more weddings shows that my time was not wasted.

Depending on how it all turns out, I could be up and running for the next two months with an increased amount of capital for expanding my team, gear, and overall online presence.

Booking More Time

While I was up in Kelowna, I met with the media coordinator at a camp that has deep roots within my family. My grandfather was apart of a group of German immigrants who actually founded the camp. All around, there’s a great story to be told, which is what led me to meet with media coordinator. I’m planning to film a short documentary on the camp, the people, and the overall story. That, and the month of August could potentially be loaded with more wedding shoots.

Time To Keep Learning

Today, I met with a friend to discuss the possibility of creating a full photography/videography wedding production partnership. We’ll see how this turns out in the coming month.

I’ve also been making the switch from Final Cut Pro X to Adobe Premiere, and to the overall creative cloud. Last night was mostly me raging at my computer, getting re-acquainted with new hotkeys, and experiencing an overall new workflow that at the time slowed me down a lot. It’s frustrating to know what you want, and not being able to get there as quickly as you once could. This lead me to start a whole new tutorial series on Adobe Premiere CC. I’m excited, I’ve already learned a lot, and I’m now starting to see why Adobe Premiere is a standard for video production.

The following video is Kevin & Justine Chiang’s Highlight Reel. I hope you enjoy it. Feel free to email me at if you want to give me a shout.


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