Day 82: Be Willing To Fail

Small City had it’s first production meeting yesterday, today I’m off filming another wedding, and all week I’ve been working on the non-stop editing train, all while trying to stay “social”. Life sure packs a punch when you’re trying to make lemonade.

Before the production meeting yesterday, I had a friend call me. She pitched me the idea of starting a wedding planning company; cake, food, planning, production etc. She was meeting with a friend, and realized that if we really wanted to, we could start a full force wedding company. Why? Because we knew of people who could fill each role.

I thought it over, and I told her we should meet up and have a fo-meeting. Then we hung up the phone. The conversation lasted for probably about two minutes. Tops. But afterwards I thought about it… and that’s all you really need. You need excited people with an idea, the people who can make it happen, and the intent to follow up.

Don’t Shut Off

If you have those three things, it doesn’t matter how short or long a conversation, meeting, or planning session takes. You’ve accomplished more then the average joe just by the fact that you’ll sit down and listen. How many of us are so quick to shut off when we hear about something that will take work? Or effort? Or maybe it’s just never been done before. And because it’s never been done before, you really doubt that you, of all people, could possibly be the first one to do it. These are the things that go through the minds of many people every waking second. These are the¬†doubts that keep people from adventuring off, taking risk, and seeking growth in their lives.

Be Willing To Stretch

One of the reasons I’ve gotten this far is because of my willingness to listen, learn, and take on jobs that at first looked impossible to do with my skill set and gear. Turns out I was wrong. I could do much more then I thought I could, and in the areas I couldn’t, I made a way, and it stretched me to do it better the next time. Why wouldn’t you want that? Well, stretching hurts. It hurts to miss the bride and groom’s kiss because your camera’s battery wasn’t aptly charged like it should have been. It would have probably felt a lot better to have not shot that wedding at all then to have felt the wrench in my stomach at that moment. But it was only because of that moment, that I know I will do it 10x better the next time. 10x better then to have never done it at all.

Failing Will Happen

Stretching hurts. And that’s why we don’t like it. Whether it’s learning from a mistake, or preparing for something you never planned. Anxiety, and the fear of failing is what haunts our social media charged people. We only post the good things in our life. We only post the best pictures. And we never talk about the bad things, the failures, the mishaps. If you want to be willing to be stretched, then maybe it’s time to find peace in all of the past, present, and future failures that you will most likely experience. I’ve found that it’s made me into someone who is more willing to listen to the crazy ideas, consider what was once an impossible reality, and through that, help me change my own reality.

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