Day 89: When Giving Up Is OK

There are moments when I look at what I’m doing, and I ask myself at what point is it ok to give up and move on. Giving up, in the sense that you are pursuing a goal, and you fail to achieve it. By no means would I stop making videos, music, programming or the like. But by many means would I stop pursuing a business endeavour, a way to make money, or a pursuit within some sort of project.

Currently, things are going well with me. And I am very thankful that this is the case. However, from the lessons of learned will investing in the stock market, there are moments when selling a loss is more profitable then holding it for the long run. Mainly, because your time and money could be spent doing much more profitable and impactful things then just sitting back and waiting for the tide to change.

What Does This Have To Do With Me

Well, making wedding videos for the couples I know has been great. I’ve been able to take part in their day, and provide a very personal keepsake for them. A wedding film. But at what point do I say I’m going to pursue videography over audio engineering, or photoshop over programming? It comes down to two factors really. Are you spending your time doing the best thing you’re good at… and… are you do the thing that is most likely to make you a living that you can survive on. Two very important things that at times can be very isolated from one another.

Audio Engineering, by far, is the direction I would love to have my life move towards, but I personally have been conflicted with idea of doing what I love versus what makes me money. Thankfully, what’s been making me money is the second best thing I enjoy doing, video. Because it still incorporates story, emotion, art, media… and audio. So personally, the point at which I would give up on my videography endeavours would be the point when a greater opportunity for income comes, that would allow me to be an audio engineering.

Why Am I Talking About This

I’m talking about this because everyone needs an escape plan. And everyone needs to put it on paper. You do it with your investments, and you should do it with your career, your biggest investment; time. If everyone succeeded at the first thing they did, then I wouldn’t be talking about failure, giving up, and being ok when things don’t pan out the way you thought they would. You wouldn’t need to go to school. And you for sure wouldn’t need to read this blog.

No one goes around telling you that it’ll always be your first girlfriend that you marry, the first house that you look at that you’ll move into, or the first degree you get will be the job that you’ll stick with (which is scary, and it should be), because the moment you choose not to give up, is the moment you choose to believe that this is as good as it gets. And do you see what you did there? You capped your potential. And that’s why giving up is OK.

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